Peppermint and Lemon Aromatherapy Foot Bath Recipe

Simple peppermint and lemon aromatherapy foot bath recipe for tired feet will lift depression, relieve stress and aid relaxation. Using essential oils as part of your everyday relaxation and destressing practice makes a lot of sense…
The aroma from the oils interacts with the nerve centers in your brain and helps to release tension and induce a state of calm and the actual exercise of sitting still gives you a chance to relax and reflect. We really encourage our clients to enjoy a foot bath as a way of treating themselves. Why? An aromatherapy foot bath is effective and easy to do at home – real DIY stress relief.
Here are our favourite ways of using a peppermint and lemon aromatherapy foot bath recipe with essential oils to ease and restore tired feet… And the benefits extend beyond just fresher feet!
Foot Bath Recipe 1
* 1 cup Epsom salt
* 4 drops lemon and 4 drops peppermintDirections

* Add oil to the salts and keep in a sealed container.
* Use 1 tablespoon in warm foot bath, once a week.
(Can use Dead Sea salts instead of Epsom salt. Or, skip the salt and just add the oils directly to the water. You can also use other oils.)Foot Bath Recipe 2
* 1 tsp. sweet almond oil
* 3 drops peppermint essential oil and 3 drops lemon essential oilDirections

* Fill a basin with warm water; and then add the almond oil, peppermint oil and lemon oil.
* Swish the water with your hands to mix the oil.
* Soak your feet in the water until your feet feel tingly and cool.
* Put pebbles or marbles in the bottom of the basin and rub your feet over them for a stimulating foot soak.Tips for Aromatherapy Foot Baths
* A good rule of thumb is 8 to 10 drops of essential oil per 2 gallons of water.
* Soak for at least 15 minutes.
* Listen to relaxing music to add to your relaxation.
* Use different blends of oils to suit your mood and needs. Have a look at our aromatherapy essential oil reference guide for more information.* Benefits of adding lemon oil to your foot bath…
* Eliminate toxins that cause arthritic pain.
* Lemon scent can lift your spirits, dispel sluggishness and relieve depression.
* Oil of lemon can also help dispel fear and apathy.* Benefits of adding peppermint oil to your foot bath…
* Helps alleviate digestive problems such as indigestion and nausea.
* Clears respiratory congestion and helps with sinusitis, colds and bronchial asthma.
* Helps to clear the mind and aids concentration.
* Use peppermint to assist with anger, guilt and apathy.

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