Sauna Tips and Tricks

There are a number of unknown tips and tricks that you can add to the multitude of benefits that come from sauna steam baths. A few of the more common ones that you can add to your arsenal of body and soul aids are as follows:

* Shave … With your favorite razor in hand, it is no doubt quite common after a sauna session that you are covered by a decent sweat. It provides with an opportunity for an incredibly smooth shave and softens the skin without the use of shaving gel or foam. This result most certainly applies to other parts of the body such as legs and underarms (for the ladies).

* Relief of cold … Get temporary relief of a stuffy nose or congested chest with the sauna steam bath. You can easily add a few drops of a natural substance like eucalyptus oil, in water to be vaporized. The scented steam can then help to relieve the airways, which will respond favorably to free and clear breathing.

* Socialize in … Share a sauna session with a friend, acquaintance, lover…even a baby can spend a half hour in a pleasant and relaxed environment.

* Cleaning the skin deep … Due to the cycle of opening and closing the pores during the sweating and cold water bath, the sauna helps to clean skin pores thoroughly and deeply.

* Best results with cosmetic creams … After the session in the sauna, the pores of your skin are open and well hydrated, the application of cosmetic creams and rejuvenating oils are more likely to deliver improved and faster results.
* During the winter … a sauna can provide relief in the coldest of days, warming the body and gently preparing it for a warm bed and a restful sleep.

* Take a nap … The sauna is a great place to take a quick nap, especially when it adjusts the temperature in a relatively low level, between 40 ° and 45 ° C.

* Not able to sleep … Enjoy the relaxing effect that a sauna offers go to lie down and sleep right after the steam bath. The sauna will take you to a state of peace and relaxation, which probably will help you fall asleep more easily and deeply.

* Aromatherapy … The use of herbs in the steam sauna is a widely used therapy resource to supplement the effects of heat. Leaves of eucalyptus, mint, lemon balm and other aromatic herbs can be placed infused into the output of the steam (or even used in teas). The eucalyptus, for example, provides a balsamic action in the respiratory system. The mint and other tools have the effect of refreshing and soothing the soul and mind.

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